Pallet Forks

Pallet Forks

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These adjustable pallet forks are great news for people with small and compact tractors who need to move bulky items safely on different sized pallets, over uneven ground.

Because the forks are easily adjustable, they will fit any size pallet from a half-size euro pallet to a big 8-foot pallet, as shown below.


With a 300kg or 700kg lift capacity and forks that can be easily folded up for safe storage, these will be the only set of pallet forks you will need to handle any awkward pallets you may need to shift.

Adjustable Pallet Forks
Model PF300, 300kg lift capacity, weight 45kg : Price £300 +VAT for current stock only.
Model PF700, 700kg lift capacity, weight 110kg : Price £415 +VAT for current stock only.