Winter Salt Spreader

Winter Salt Spreader

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This spreader is produced by the Italian manufacturer Nordagri.

We have been selling this spreader to farmers, smallholders, schools,c ouncils, contractors, estates, etc. for several years now, with 100% reliability.

This spreader has a capacity of 300 litres and standard category one linkage and is suitable for tractors in the 20hp to 60hp range. Ideal for broadcasting most types of fertiliser, seeds, lime and also materials such as sand and salt for icy conditions. A balancing system is fitted so you can spread to one side or the other, or it can be spread from the centre and with adjustable plates, different spreading widths can be achieved.

A full parts and operation manual is included which gives details of how to set the spreader for optimal use.

An internal mesh grid is fitted which helps to break up larger lumps when loading, therefore helping to prevent the agitator from clogging. A deflector is also fitted to make the spreading of salt more controllable (the deflector can be easily removed for spreading other materials).

All moving parts, ie. control slides, spreading vanes, deflector and grid are either stainless steel or coated with a non-corrosive coating.

This low cost implement fits to all normal tractors and is driven by the PTO shaft which is included. We have these manufactured especially for us with a double Cat.1 pin so that it will fit the smallest of compact tractors upwards.

CN30 - 300 litre capacity Winter Salt Spreader : Price £485.00 +VAT
Optional Extra : Hopper Cover: £39.50 +VAT