Goldoni Joker 10S+

Goldoni Joker 10S+

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Kohler 9.5 Hp petrol engine with easy pull start and sliding axle.

In order to be productive, agriculture needs specialised machines that work quickly and safely. 

ln 2010 Goldoni launched the Joker series to replace the ever-popular Jolly series. 

Joker, the 2-wheeled tractor specifically designed for specialised crops, provides undoubted guarantees for this type of work. Precision at work combined with the utmost in manoeuvrability make this tractor an essential machine for all market-gardeners and smallholding farmers, as well as gardeners and landscapers.


The Joker is extremely versatile; there are numerous ways it can be used with different implements for every type of job, with its quick release coupling, allowing you to easily change the implements.


9.5hp Kohler petrol engine with easy pull start.

Quad-Clean 4-stage air filtration system ensures only clean air enters the engine for maximum power and durability.

4 working gears for a tractor that is more productive when working.

Quick release coupling and draw bar as standard. 

180 degree rotating handlebars changed in seconds for front and rear implements.

Big 6.50x12" wheels and tyres for better grip and stability.

Sliding axles - means you can quickly change the width of wheel without undoing lots of bolts and nuts.

Cast iron transmission and coupling for strength, weight and long life.

Differential lock for extra traction when needed.

Wheel release and dead stop allows easy and safe control of tractor in confined area.


CTM, 17+ years of experience with Goldoni gives you the best balanced machines, making sure that the tractor does the work - not you.

When you purchase a Goldoni 2-wheel tractor from CTM you will be guaranteed the quality and reliability of Goldoni's undoubtable reputation as one of Europe's leading specialist tractor manufacturers. This, combined with CTM's wealth of experience, will ensure that your tractor and implements are properly matched and weighted to assure you of optimal performance for the tasks you perform.

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