Goldoni Euro 45 RS

Goldoni Euro 45 RS

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The largest and heaviest of the Euro range - a great all-rounder

Now sporting a new green colour and soon to be updated to become the E50RS.

The Euro 45 RS is the strongest tractor in the Euro range, and has made itself very popular with estate owners and people who want to feed stock in remote places. Its stronger bearing structure and more powerful engine (38hp) enables the tractor to be used on even wider flotation tyres or for fitting a front loader for yard work.

With a rear lift capacity of 1200kgs, it can easily handle larger implements and machinery.

On narrow wheels, its extra weight and power is ideal for handling bigger cultivation equipment.


Please take the time to watch our YouTube video of the Euro 45RS in action.

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Alan and his team have been exceptional in their service and expertise.  As a first time buyer of a tractor and someone who had little experience, I was very reassured by Alan, who talked me through all the different options and saw me through the process of getting to know the machine.  The Euro 45 has been perfect for my smallholding - especially the forest and steep hills.  I could not be ha...

Baron Stael von Holstein

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