Land Rakes, 180° Reversible

Land Rakes, 180° Reversible

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For Easy Paddock Restoration 

CTM have developed a new range of Land Rakes for the UK market, aimed at people who keep a lot of animals on a small acreage. The last couple of years have been particularly tough on the land, with the wet summers causing heavy hoofed animals to churn the land up, giving it no time to recover.

CTM's Land Rake has been designed to eliminate this problem.


The TaskA Land Rake has been designed to eliminate this problem. With its unique curved diamond pattern tines, it will penetrate and shatter the heaviest of clay land and with its adjustable levelling blade, it makes short work of repairing the damage.


The Land Rake can be turned 180°, giving it the capability of being a lot less severe, ideal for harrowing and levelling surfaces. One machine that can do lots of different jobs from repairing paddocks, harrowing grass, finishing cultivated land for a seedbed, levelling uneven ground and arenas to repairing roads, raking gravel driveways, etc.

The TaskA Land Rake is adaptable and tough enough to handle the lot.

A very cost-effective solution to a lot of problems such as paddock and footpath restoration.

Sizes available: 1.2m, 1.5m and 2.0m.

1.2m Reversible Land Rake : £495 +VAT
1.5m Reversible Land Rake : £545 +VAT
2.0m Reversible Land Rake : £695 +VAT

All prices quoted ex-works CTM.