Pasture Toppers

Pasture Toppers

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Del Morino Pasture Toppers for the clearance and upkeep of green and overgrown areas, pastures and paddocks

Ideal for cutting through rough grass, rushes and reeds

Available from 0.9m to 1.35m wide, our pasture toppers are suitable for tractors of 15hp upwards. The cutting height is adjustable by means of height adjustable skids. Mounted on a floating linkage allows the topper to follow the contours of uneven ground.

Our heavy-duty Italian toppers have 2 large heavy-duty cutting blades under the machine which have the facility to fold back if it hits a solid object, ie stone or stump.

The advantages of this are that there is less horsepower needed to start the topper up, better protection for the mower and tractor and less frequent need to change shear bolts, thus giving the mower a long and reliable working life.

Toppers are protected by a shear bolt as standard.

For use with smaller tractors, an overrun clutch needs to be fitted to the PTO shaft to protect the tractor's gearbox.

We also stock British-made toppers by Beaconsfield Products, to complement our range of sizes.

Model Working
Weight No. of Blades Price
DMK 90 90 cm 105 cm 15 - 40 138 kg 2 £830 +VAT
BTOP 110 110 cm 125 cm 15 - 40 170 kg 2 £1095 +VAT
DMK 135 135 cm 150 cm
15 - 40 210 kg
2 £1150 +VAT
BTOP 150 150 cm 175 cm 15 - 40 250 kg 2 £1295 +VAT
Overrun Clutch, if required : £69 +VAT