Trailers for Goldoni 2 Wheel Tractors

Trailers for Goldoni 2 Wheel Tractors

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A heavy-duty but lightweight trailer with wide flotation wheels and high ground clearance, making it ideal for off-road use. It's high ground clearance makes it extremely compatible with our range of 2 wheel tractors. With its pivot hitch, it can turn easily in confined areas and can move over undulating ground with ease.

Suitable for a wide variety of uses, our tipping trailer benefits from an overall width of 101cm, allowing access to locations which might otherwise be inaccessible, such as along narrow accessways round buildings, pathways, gardens, etc.

Ideal for carrying everything from soil, branches, tools, wheelie bins, logs, plants, wood pellets, and much more.

Features and Specifications:

Size: 131 x 101 x 30 cm, built from galvanised steel box for strength and durability.

Tyres: Wide flotation tyres, 18x7-7 for increased stability and low ground pressure. For off-road use only.

Capacity: Maximum loaded weight 300kg, making it ideal for all your garden and and smallholding jobs.

Tip: Central tipping point for ease of tipping even when fully loaded.

Body: Detachable front and rear panels for ease of loading/unloading and carriage of long loads.

Trailer with Seat & Brakes, 300kg max capacity : Price £695 +VAT