Euro 40 Tractor - Nature Reserve

"Our Trust now looks after 31 hectares on top and running down the north face of the South Downs. Some years ago we bought a second-hand Goldoni Quad Tractor which proved very reliable. With the cutter collector on the back, going up the steep tracks to our reserves proved interesting!

So, the Trust decided to purchase a larger tractor. On a visit to Yorkshire, I went to see Deborah and Alan of CTM Ltd and looked at the Goldoni Euro 40 RS. With its extra weight and length, it looked very suitable for the use on our Reserves. Now a year and a bit later, we are very happy. We have no trouble with the cutter collector on the steeper slopes and we can now cut at a higher speed which means that we can cover much more ground. Alan has sold us some new heavy-duty cutters which also help enormously.

Goldoni Tractors are excellent for Wildlife Reserves, with their low centre of gravity and wide tyres which do not destroy the small plants that we are trying to preserve.

Alan and Deborah are so helpful and excellent to deal with any questions or queries."

Reserves Manager and Trustee, West Sussex

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