Collection: Goldoni Quad Tractors

When you need an all-terrain tractor that is capable of handling a wide variety of implements, safety on hillsides or really wet (boggy) terrain, with a day-in-day-out reliability factor that can demonstrate versatility in any environment, take a look at the Goldoni E-Series range of Equal Wheeled (Quad) Tractors.

As Europe's number one producer of small and specialist tractors, Goldoni has over the past 80+ years, developed a range that incorporates many large tractor features into a compact size: small yet strong, agile and versatile.

From the E20SN (formerly Base 20) to the larger equal-wheeled tractors, Goldoni tractors on standard narrow wheels perform an invaluable service for those operators who grow specialist crops as well as for those who work in confined areas; between trees, row crop work, orchards, vineyards, as well as really confined areas where normal access is limited, such as woodland, walled gardens, etc.

With the aid of low ground pressure flotation tyres these same tractors have increased stability on slopes due to their low centre of gravity as well as a gentle touch on softer land.

From 20.4hp and above, Goldoni's equal-wheeled E-Series "Quad Tractor" range from CTM provides strength, agility and versatility on all terrain.  Constant 4-wheel drive, full hydraulics, linkages and PTO's give these small but powerful alpine tractors the ability to work almost anywhere.

With a wide range of implements available to suit each size tractor, you can happily tackle anything from mowing to cultivation, digging ditches to clearing snow, with ease.

Take a look through our latest E-Series brochure at the new range of tractors and specifications, then follow the easy access to our Implement range to see what's available to tackle your jobs.

If you're not sure what type of tractor or implement that you need, please feel free to ring us or email for help and advice.

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