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Goldoni E20 SN

Goldoni E20 SN

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The small tractor that's in a league of its own.




Formerly the Goldoni Base 20, now updated to comply with EU MTR (Mother Tractor Regulations).

This tractor is renowned the world over for its small dimensions, strength and reliability as well as for its manoeuvrability where space is at a premium: in greenhouses, between the rows of specialist crops, etc. With a minimum width of just 800mm, this is believed to be the narrowest tractor on the market. We are also able to offer a unique service to our customers by offering them this tractor together with some of the narrowest cultivation and mowing equipment available.

The wheel widths can easily be altered to increase its stability where necessary. Different tyre and wheel options available.

With a 20.4hp diesel engine, hydrostatic power steering, constant 4-wheel drive, oscillating chassis and unique centre pivot enabling tight turning in confined areas, the Goldoni E20 Tractor has a low centre of gravity, guaranteeing a high level of grip and stability in particularly difficult conditions, whilst also allowing a wide variety of implements and machinery to be used.


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