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Deleks DRS 1000 Backhoe

Deleks DRS 1000 Backhoe

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Produced by Italian manufacturer Deleks, the DRS-1000 Backhoe fits most compact tractors from 18 hp to 45 hp.

Easy to take on and off the tractor, it fits onto the tractor via Cat. 1 three-point linkage.

Seat with seatbelt.

Stabilizer legs individually operated.

Hook lock for transporting easily.

Includes 29 cm (11") wide bucket.

PTO-driven hydraulic pump with gearbox suitable for 540 PTO.

Independent hydraulic system and  hydraulic oil tank.

Digging depth: max 950 mm

Weight: 250 kg

Simple to use and smooth to operate. A light go-anywhere backhoe for working in confined or difficult areas, where working with a heavier or larger machine would be impossible.

Strong ~ Light ~ Powerful

With Deleks standard 2 year warranty.

DRS-1000 Backhoe
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