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Deleks Transport Boxes

Deleks Transport Boxes

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BOX-120-M (manual tip)
BOX-120-H (hydraulic tip)
BOX-140-H (hydraulic tip)

The versatility of tractors is much improved if they can be used to carry small loads in difficult areas or confined spaces, often where it is not practical to use a trailer.

Our Italian tipping transport box from Deleks is a heavy-duty box which can be used for carrying, but also has the versatility for tasks such as levelling, carrying earth, sand, gravel, shifting snow, etc. which needs to be scooped up and then tipped out at the other end.

Tips from the centre rather than the sides, therefore giving a much greater tipping angle.

The full height rear panel gives an increased load volume capacity of +30%-50% over a box without a full rear panel.

Made from Hardox and Swedish Steel for strength and durability, with a 1.0 cm hardened steel base and cutting edge which provides excellent penetration and durability.

Suitable for small and compact tractors from 14-48 hp with Cat.1 3-point linkage.

Different sizes available.
Available with either pull-cord trip mechanism or hydraulic tip.


Tipping Transport Boxes in Hardox & SSAB Swedish steel for tractors, with rear panel

1.2m Box, manual tip   

1.2m Box, hydraulic tip

1.4m Box, manual tip 

1.4m Box, hydraulic tip
Overall Dimensions 1280 x 950 x 640 mm 1480 x 950 x 640 mm
Bucket Dimensions 1200 x 650 x 415 mm 1400 x 650 x 415 mm
Weight 110 kg 125 kg
Tractor Power Range from 14 hp to 40 hp from 14 hp to 40 hp
3-Point Linkage Cat. 1 Cat. 1
Load Capacity up to 400 kg up to 400 kg
Rated Bucket Capacity up to 0.32 m3 up to 0.32 m3
Cutting Edge Thickness 10 mm (SSAB) 10 mm (SSAB)
Base Edge Thickness 4 mm (SSAB) 4 mm (SSAB)
3-Point Linkage Thickness 8 mm (Hardox) 8 mm (Hardox)
Spacing Between 2 Lower Points 470 - 580 mm 470 - 580 mm
Tipping Action Manual Hydraulic Manual Hydraulic
Tipping Degree 80 degrees 80 degrees
Packing Size 1300 x 800 x 550 mm 1500 x 800 x 550 mm
PRICE 1.2m
£655 +VAT
1.2m Hyd
£760 +VAT
£750 +VAT
1.4m Hyd
£855 +VAT

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