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Chain Harrows

Chain Harrows

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The triple chain harrow is versatile in that it has many uses as well as its basic function of harrowing.

It aerates pastures and grassed areas, works fertiliser and seed into seedbeds and established ground; it helps to break up and distribute muck after spreading as well as being ideal for levelling horse paddocks and arenas.

CTM offer a range of chain harrows to be either dragged behind your tractor or quad bike as well as the frame-mounted chain harrows which lift on the 3-point linkage, thus being easier to move from field to field. The added advantage of frame-mounted harrows are that they can be lifted and backed into corners and difficult areas where it would normally be hard to drag a set of harrows. They can also be lifted using the tractor hydraulics and are easy to clean out if they get clogged or pick up stones, etc. They can be easily stored away when not in use.


6ft Mounted Harrow : Price £589 +VAT
6ft Drag Harrow : Price £369 +VAT

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