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Deleks Adjustable Pallet Forks for Compact Tractors

Deleks Adjustable Pallet Forks for Compact Tractors

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These adjustable pallet forks are great news for people with compact and medium-sized tractors who need to move bulky items safely on different sized pallets, over uneven ground.

Models: D-300 and D-700 
(please check your tractor specifications and capacities for the relevant size)

Because the forks are easily adjustable, they will fit any size pallet from a half-size euro pallet to a big 8-foot pallet, as shown below.

Deleks design allows the steel fork tines to easily be re-spaced and locked into place. Fits onto tractor 3-point linkage. With a 300kg or 700kg lift capacity and forks that can be easily folded up for safe storage, these will be the only set of pallet forks you will need to handle any awkward pallets you may need to shift.

With adjustable fork tines and a versatile fit for different pallet sizes, Deleks Adjustable Pallet Forks are the perfect solution for safely transporting bulky items on uneven ground. With lift capacities of 300kg or 700kg and the ability to be folded up for convenient storage, these forks are a must-have for compact and medium-sized tractor owners. Say goodbye to struggling with awkward and varied pallets – Deleks Adjustable Pallet Forks from CTM has you covered!


Adjustable Pallet Forks D-300 D-700
Overall Width 910 mm 950 mm
Weight 54 kg 107 kg
Tractor Power Range 12 - 45 hp 25 - 90 hp
3-Point Linkage Cat. 1 Cat. 1-2
Load Capacity Max 300 kg Max 700 kg
Spacing Between the 2 Lower Points 360 - 610 mm 580 - 840 mm
Usable Fork Tine Length 750 mm 950 mm
Fork Tine Length 900 mm 1120 mm
Fork Tine Width 80 mm 100 - 67 mm
Fork Tine Weight 7.6 kg 24  kg
Positions of the Forks 4 + 4 3 + 3
Diameter of the Horizontal Tube 32 mm 40 mm
Distance between the 2 lower points and ground 160 / 260 mm 185 / 285 / 385 mm
Overall Length (open and closed) 900 / 210 mm 1130 / 225 mm
Packing Size 900 x 900 x 300 mm 1200 x 950 x 300 mm

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