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Deleks DK-1300 PTO Wood Chipper with Hydraulic Feed

Deleks DK-1300 PTO Wood Chipper with Hydraulic Feed

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Deleks DK-1300 PTO-driven Professional Wood Chipper  from Deleks of Italy.

We offer a range of chippers, either PTO-driven or petrol driven models.

This page features the PTO-driven DK-1300 Chipper for tractors 18-50hp which has a hydraulic feeding roller with adjustable speed and rotation direction.

Designed for shredding wood and brash by means of a drum rotor fitted with knives and hammer flails, ideally suited to landscape gardeners and grounds maintenance contractors who have a requirement to reduce brash and pruning left over from tree and hedgerow maintenance.

Compatible with all tractor brands with 3-point linkage, Cat. 1 and 540 rpm PTO.


Very compact professional machine with a new multiple cutting system composed of a special rotor with 8 mobile hardened steel hammers, 2 fixed steel blades placed on the edge of the rotor and 2 buckets inside the rotor for ejecting the shredded material.

This new cutting system allows you to feed material into the hopper in large and small dimensions, without the need to strip small branches from the main branch.

Double Function: Woodchipper and Bio-Shredder
The inner drum is equipped with 2 interchangeable blades and 2 rows of 4 hammers and combines the characteristics of a woodchipper with those of an organic shredder (shredding leaves and foliage).

Control device for adjusting the speed of the hydraulic feeding roller.
Control bar for easy change of direction and stop.

The hydraulic system has its own oil tank and does not need to be connected to the tractor.

It carries every kind of vegetable waste (both hard and fibrous such as palms, pines, etc), up to maximum diameter of 10cm.  It is not suitable for shredding corn, straw, alfalfa, etc.

The material is discharged through a 1.55m high and 270 degree turning pipe which is adjustable for height and distance of discharge.

Easy access to internal chamber for maintenance and blade/hammer replacment.

Its compact dimensions, lifting hooks and easy handling permit easy loading onto small trucks and vans. 


DK-1300 Chipper with Hydraulic Feed
Cutting System Drum with 2 blades + 8 hammers
Maximum Cutting Diameter 80 mm - 100 mm
Chipped Material Size 5 mm - 10 mm
Working Efficiency 8-9 m3/h
Safety System Start and Stop Lever
Tractor Power Range 18 hp to 50 hp
3-Point Linkage Cat. 1
PTO Shaft CE 4 x 800 mm + Shear bolt
Distance Between PTO Attachment and Base 500 mm
PTO Speed 540 rpm
Roller Drive System Hydraulic, no belts
Roller Width 150 mm
Outlet Tube Size 360 degrees
Outlet Height 1550 mm
Weight 225 kg
Packing Size 1250 x 110 x 2200 mm
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