Rear Blade / Snowblade

Price on Request

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Rear Blades are ideal for pushing or pulling as they are 360° adjustable.

This heavy-duty rear blade is perfect for grading, levelling, clearing snow and gravel, etc. It is 360° adjustable with removable side guards for dragging the material to be levelled.


This levelling blade has the facility to offset at the tractor linkage, as well as the full adjustable rotation of the blade itself.

With a replaceable cutting edge, it is ideal for road maintenance, landscaping, snow clearance, cleaning out livestock pens and more.

Designed for dependable performance on tough jobs.

Can be set to face the rear or the front, as well as various angles at either side.

With Del Morino 2 year warranty.

1.4m Levelling Blade, weight 150kg : Price £600 +VAT
1.6m Levelling Blade, weight 180kg : Price £640 +VAT

Optional Rubber Edge : Price £65 +VAT