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Great for splitting logs to a manageable size

Suitable for splitting logs up to 0.63m in length.

With a 3-way adjustable deck, it can be positioned either vertically, horizontally or diagonally for working in a comfortable position.  Wheels are also fitted for easy movement when not attached to tractor.

The hydraulic ram has a working pressure of 9.5 tonnes and is fitted with automatic reverse for safety.  The logsplitter will only work when the operator has both hands on the controls.

A travel limit control on the ram can be set to return the splitter to the correct height for the length of the logs and thus reduce the time between each operation.

The hydraulic ram has two speeds for faster splitting and can be supplied to run off tractor hydraulics or can have its own pump.

Approximate dimensions for storage are 0.5m x 0.5m x 1m high. Height when in use is approximately 1.5m high. 

9.5 Tonne Hydraulic 3-Way Logsplitter : Price 915 +VAT
9.5 Tonne Hydraulic 3-Way Logsplitter with own pump : Price £1185 +VAT 

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