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Goldoni Quad 20

Goldoni Quad 20

The Quad Tractor's low centre of gravity, strength and versatility gives it a big advantage over conventional ATV's and other small tractors. 

The Go-Anywhere Tractor

Our best-selling small tractor has proven to be extremely reliable, economical and easy to use. This tractor has been so popular with smallholders and professional users alike over the past 15+ years, that it has allowed for our entire business to be built on its success.

Its compact size and build allows it to maintain a low centre of gravity, guaranteeing a high level of stability in particularly difficult working conditions, allowing a wide variety of machinery to be used economically. 

At around the size of a conventional ATV bike, the Quad Tractor gives ATV performance, but with full tractor capabilities, proving to be ideal for nature reserves, smallholdings, horticulture, large gardens & confined areas and much more.

With its rugged 21.4hp diesel engine, hydrostatic power steering, 6 forward and 3 reverse gears, constant 4 wheel drive, oscillating chassis and unique centre pivot enabling tight turning in confined areas, the Quad 20 Tractor is heavy enough to handle a wide range of implements, yet its flotation tyres make it light enough to operate on the softest of ground.

Its versatility means that CTM's Goldoni Quad 20 Tractor can be adapted with different width settings, hydraulics, weight frames and linkages to meet the demands of specialist users, as required.

 Just what you need for working all year round.


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