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Reversible Grader with Tine

Reversible Grader with Tine

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This 1.2m heavy-duty reversible grader is ideal for:

  • clearing overgrown areas 
  • scarifying
  • levelling ruts and roads
  • bulldozing
  • grading surfaces
  • backfilling holes, trenches and ruts
  • clearing snow
  • levelling molehills


The grader can be mounted to the 3-point linkage of the smallest of tractors. It is fitted with a depth adjustable tine, for loosening compacted ground and ruts prior to levelling. It was designed originally for people who had tracks to their houses where they needed a strong machine that could take out the hard centre of the track and backfill all the potholes and level it - ie to be able to repair a track easily.

The tractor can be used in both directions because the grader is reversible.  By setting the tine in a shallow position, it can be used to pull down and increase pressure on the blade.

The final cutting or levelling angle is adjusted by the top link.

A great multi-purpose implement at an affordable price.

1.2m Heavy-Duty Reversible Grader with Tine : Price £470 +VAT
Special Offer Price £350 +VAT

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