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Deleks LEOPARD Sideshift Flail Mowers

Deleks LEOPARD Sideshift Flail Mowers

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Deleks Leopard range of adjustable sideshift Flail Mowers are suitable for tractors from 30 hp to 70 hp with Cat. 1 / 2 three-point linkage.

Ideal for mowing and mulching grass and shredding cuttings residue up to 4-5 cm in diameter.

Transform your mowing experience with Deleks LEOPARD Sideshift Flail Mowers.

Designed for tractors ranging from 30 hp to 70 hp, these mowers redefine efficiency and convenience. Thanks to their adjustable sideshift feature, you can easily tackle any terrain in record time!

With the ability to mow and mulch grass while shredding cuttings residue up to 4-5 cm in diameter, these flail mowers provide an unbeatable level of versatility.

Embrace the power and precision of Deleks LEOPARD mowers today!

Below: Leopard 1.4m flail mower working on a Goldoni E50 SN articulated, equal-wheeled alpine tractor, on a riverbank field with long wet grass and brush, mowing some open areas as well as between trees.

Sizes: 1.4m or 1.6m

With manual adjustable sideshift with up to 31 cm adjustment, and its robust structure, the Leopard model is good for working in confined areas or close to walls, trees, hedges and fences.

Below: Leopard flail mower working on a conventional tractor

The frame is made entirely from Swedish SSAB steel, with an electronically balanced Arvedi rotor and Hardox brackets, fitted with forged steel hammers.

The 20cm high frontal intake avoids crushing long grass.

When the hood is closed, it gives a mulching effect meaning the plant material remains in the chamber longer and gets pulverised.

When the hood is open, it reduces the pressure in the chamber and allows you to mow at a higher speed.

External belt tensioner and adjustable roller to alter cutting height and side skids.

Basically, Deleks manufacture their mowers using Swedish steel, Hardox and Arvedi balanced rollers and use Lombarda cast iron Italian gearboxes.  Fitted with good quality bearings and drive belts, the process is then finished using a durable powder coat paint finish, which makes these stand out from their competitors.

Please take the time to watch the video review by Edd China below on the build quality of the Deleks Leopard flail mowers.

With Deleks standard 2 year warranty.


Adjustable Side-Shift Flail Mowers LEOPARD-140-SP LEOPARD-160-SP
Working Width 1400 mm 1600 mm
Overall Width 1540.5 mm 1740.5 mm
Weight 310 kg 340 kg
Tractor Power Range 30 - 70 hp 40 - 70 hp
3-Point Linkage Cat. 1-2 Cat. 1-2
Number of Hammers 20 24
Maximum Cutting Diameter 40 - 50 mm 40 - 50 mm
Distance Between PTO Attachment and Ground 520 mm 520 mm
Spacing Between 2 Lower Points 560 - 950 mm 560 - 950 mm
Transmission : Drive Method V Belts x 4 V Belts x 4
Transmission : PTO 540 r/min 540 r/min
Transmission : Rotation of Gearbox Right Side Right Side
Transmission : Free Wheel Yes Yes
Transmission : Rotor Speed 2300 rpm 2300 rpm
Transmission : Oil in Gearbox Yes / SAE 120 - ISO 72925
Rotor Diameter 108 mm 114 mm
Rotor Balancing Electronic Electronic
Hammer Weight 820 g 820 g
Rear Roller Diameter 140 mm 140 mm
PTO Shaft CE 6 x 1000 mm + shear bolt
Packing Size 1580 x 900 x 800 mm 1780 x 900 x 800 mm

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(£2736 inc VAT)

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