About CTM

Conservation Technology & Machinery Ltd is a family-owned company, based in Swaledale in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

CTM started selling Goldoni tractors at the end of 2001 and consistently achieved No.1 UK dealer status since 2003. We were therefore pleased to announce, that in June 2009, Goldoni awarded CTM importer status, enabling us to buy stock directly from Goldoni's factory in Italy and to also stock a greater range of tractors, 2 wheel tractors and to also expand our range of spare parts.

Why choose CTM?

CTM Expertise

CTM have a wealth of knowledge and experience of over 60 years. Our backgrounds are in Agricultural Engineering and farming along with a historic knowledge of the products we offer.

Free CTM Tractor Consultation

When looking to purchase one of our specialist tractors from CTM we offer a free consultation process to help identify the right tool for the job.

CTM believe in the principle of investing in its customers so the customer will invest with CTM. We help you analyse your current and future needs and help you understand what CTM can offer to help you "Buy Once".

CTM Service & Support

Here at CTM we keep a wide range of spares in stock for the different types of tractor that we sell.

Being the Goldoni importer, we are connected to Goldoni via their PLUG system which lets us order parts on a 24 hour basis. If we haven’t got a Goldoni part in stock, we can generally receive it within 3 working days.

We can provide you with any spare part you might need in order to keep both your Goldoni Tractor and your implements running smoothly. We also carry various blades, tines, bearings and belts etc. for all of the different types of machinery that we sell.

Pins, top links and other accessories are also available at very competitive prices. 

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TaskA, and our first product TaskA-Vac, was developed by CTM after years of research into PTO-driven vacuum systems, following many requests by customers for such a product.

TaskA-Vac was designed to pick up organic materials and is now used in many situations from leaf collection to paddock cleaning, clearing out stables, use in parks and gardens, theme parks, sawmills, golf courses, nurseries, game farms and even worm farms, to name but a few!

Since the development of TaskA-Vac, we have produced several more implements under the TaskA name.