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Deleks BUGGY Pasture Toppers

Deleks BUGGY Pasture Toppers

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BUGGY-100-C (with chains)
BUGGY-120-B (with chains)
BUGGY-120-B (with blades)

The BUGGY range of rotary cutters / pasture toppers from Deleks of Italy.

The Buggy Series of toppers are a quick and easy solution for clearing grass, weeds and light brush.  They fit all standard compact tractors from 14-40hp and are perfect to give a clean finish on lawns, gardens, paddocks, meadows and parks.

With frames made of SSAB Swedish steel, these toppers/cutters have a small footprint to allow cutting close to edges.  

Suitable also for reverse use: by reversing the 3-point attachment and the multiplier, it is possible to mount it on the front.

Adjustable slides to control the cutting height.

BUGGY-120 has a double blade system (2+2 blades) that simultaneously cuts the stem of grass into 3 sections, pulverizing it.

BUGGY-100-C and BUGGY-120-C

These models both have chains instead of blades and are a quick and easy solution for clearing grass, weeds and light scrub.  Ideal for uncultivated areas with branches and bushes, as well as areas with stones and rougher ground.


Rotary Cutters / Pasture Toppers BUGGY-120 BUGGY-100-C BUGGY-120-C
Working Width 1170 mm 970 mm 1170 mm
Overall Width 1260 mm 1070 mm 1260 mm
Overall Length 1300 mm 1100 mm 1300 mm
Overall Height 650 mm 650 mm 650 mm
Weight 120 kg 100 kg 130 kg
Min / Max Cutting Height 10 - 60 mm 10 - 60 mm 10 - 60 mm
Tractor Power Range 14 - 40 hp 25 - 75 hp 25 - 75 hp
3-Point Linkage Cat. 1 Cat. 1 Cat. 1
Spacing Between the 2 Lower Points 450 - 720 mm
Distance Between PTO Attachment and Ground 340 mm
Transmission Gearbox
PTO 540 rpm
Rotation of Gearbox Right Side
Transmission Oil in the Gearbox Yes / SAE 120 - ISO 72925
Number of Blades / Chains 2 + 2 blades 2 chains 2 chains
PTO Shaft CE 4 x 1000 mm + free wheel CE 2 x 1000 mm + free wheel
Packing Size 1270 x 1300 x 600 mm 1070 x 1100 x 600 mm 1270 x 1300 x 600 mm
£1240 +VAT
(£1488 inc VAT)
£1070 +VAT
(£1284 inc VAT)
£1150 +VAT
(£1380 inc VAT)

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