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Goldoni E50 SN

Goldoni E50 SN

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A really specialist articulated tractor.

The new E50SN, articulated tractor replaces the old Goldoni Euro 45SN tractor.  Now meeting new EU MTR (Mother Tractor Regulations) and sporting a redesigned front end.

Its big advantage is that it can handle large diameter 20" oversized wheels, giving it higher ground clearance for people who want a narrow compact tractor that is very agile, but also powerful enough to handle larger implements.

With a minimum width capacity of as little as 1 metre, but with a powerful 38hp engine, the E50 SN is one of the smallest articulated tractors available with the capability of fitting large wheels for extra ground clearance - yet we have found it so adaptable in the UK, that not only can we fit large diameter wheels, we have also been able to fit 15" wide flotation wheels without restricting its range of articulation.

Ideal for woodland work, estate management and also for specialist crops.


Take a look below at the Goldoni E50SN working with a Deleks Leopard SP140 flail mower in wet grass and scrub. 


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