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Goldoni E60 RS

Goldoni E60 RS

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A small, low centre of gravity tractor with a big tractor attitude.

Formerly "Maxter", the E60RS's compact size and build allows it to maintain a low centre of gravity, guaranteeing a high level of stability in particularly difficult working conditions, allowing the use of heavy machinery on slopes and steep ground.

Goldoni E60RS working with Deleks Volpe 1.65m Offset Verge Flail Mower - Great Teamwork!

Half the size - twice the tractor!


A 25hp compact tractor next to the 48hp Goldoni Maxter.

With a 48hp engine, 32 speed gearbox with fast reverse shuttle, two-speed independent PTO and 1.5 ton lift capacity, the Goldoni E60RS has proved to be popular with contractors, with its light weight but heavy task ability giving it a big advantage over conventional/compact tractors on all types of terrain.


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