Goldoni Base 20 Quad Tractor - Private Individual

"Our land is heavy clay on a hill. We keep horses and a few sheep and for 11 years I have used an old Zetor 5245 tractor to move horse muck, top off, roll and harrow paddocks. This summer the Zetor proved to be totally unsuitable as it was sinking in and churning up the ground so badly I was unable to top off the grass which was growing furiously due to the wet weather! I looked seriously at quad bikes as most of our local farmers were using more than tractors on the wet ground, but realised that I would then still need the tractor for its PTO and 3-point linkage and I did not want 2 vehicles.

When visiting the Shire Horse Centre in Yorkshire I spotted a strange small tractor and was told it was an Alpine tractor - basically a big quad bike with PTO and 3-point linkage. After looking on the internet, I contacted Alan at CTM who offered to come and demonstrate his Goldoni Base tractor which he said would do the job. I was very dubious as I could not see how a 20 horse tractor could do the work that a 50 horse was struggling with. I was amazed as Alan cut banks at a crazy angle with ease; he harrowed some land that was so churned up you could not walk on it without sinking in; he charged up and down the road at huge speed doing an emergency stop like a car - not something my Zetor would even attempt. I was hooked; sold the Zetor and purchased the Goldoni. Alan delivered the Goldoni spec'd exactly as I needed it and spent half a day showing me, with great patience, how it all worked and adjusting all the implements to suit the tractor.

I have since then been more amazed at the little tractor's ability and power; those 20 horses are very big ones - nothing will stop it! CTM sold me a flail mower to suit the little tractor and I have topped off all the paddocks which I had failed to do all summer, with ease. I have harrowed and rolled the paddocks that the horses churned to a mire and charged up and down the road to our other field fetching and carrying as needed. It will turn on a sixpence and I only have to open one side of a double gate to get through. The flotation tyres roll the ground rather than sinking in, even when it is really wet and they still give plenty of grip.

Overall a very capable little tractor sold by a company that cares about its customers and is more than helpful and great to deal with."

Jane & Paul Thompson, Gloucestershire
October 2012

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