Goldoni Euro 40 Tractor - Private Individual

"I purchased my very first Goldoni Quad 20 in 2004 after a varied trial of machines from other companies. I had no experience of agricultural machinery but after a couple of hours of demonstration with Alan, felt confident to handle the 20. I therefore purchased the Quad 20, rotary mower and transport box. I will add that none of the other machines people brought to demonstrate were in the same league as the Goldoni equipment. (Furthermore, all the other demonstrations I had did not give me the same level of confidence to operate the machinery.)

My ground is quite steep and in some areas very uneven. I could not get any contractors interested in cutting the grass as all their machinery was too big due to the steepness of my land in some areas. My ground suits the low centre of gravity offered by the Goldoni range, especially with the flotation tyres.

After having the Quad 20 for 18 months and doing a lot of landscaping on my 4.5 acres, I went across to Richmond for a weekend break and called to see Deborah and Alan. Much to my wife's surprise, I ended up buying a Quad 40 in the process, together with a 5 foot mower.

I have had endless hours of cutting grass, thinning out woodland (even dug a pond) with my Quad 40 tractor and can only say that the build quality of these machines is excellent. I have the major services for my machine carried out by Alan; he is very professional at what he does and very particular when it comes to the operation of the Quad.

When you contact Alan or Deborah it is as though you are one of their family and nothing is a trouble to them. I will only buy machinery from CTM - their advice and recommendation is invaluable.

The after-service provided is 5 star and second to none. I cannot praise CTM enough."

Joe Wood, West Cumbria

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