Caron Transporters

Caron Transporters


A range of high quality, versatile all-terrain transporters, produced in Italy by Caron, one of the leading manufacturers of transporters in the world.

Transport the load instead of towing it.

The range of Caron Transporters includes articulated and front steer models from 25hp up to 110 hp with loading capacities from 2 tonnes up to 7.5 tonnes.

Thanks to the wide range of gears with speeds from 0.4km/h up to 50 km/h, these machines are ideal for all-terrain work under any conditions. The unique design of these 4-wheel drive vehicles features a central joint in the chassis that ensures constant grip. Moreover, the use of low ground pressure tyres minimises damage to the land.

After its first use as a traditional tractor for high mountain work, the Caron Transporter was soon adapted to vairous industrial, agricultural and even municipal uses as a multipurpose off-road utility vehicle and high-performance tractor.

All Caron Transporters are equipped with a 3-way tipping body and, according to customer's needs, they can be provided with hydraulic distributors, central and rear power take-offs, rear 3-point linkage, the facility to fit snow ploughs, cranes and other equipment for traditional tractors such as sprayers, mowers, etc.

The chassis with it's universal 4-point fixing, permits the attachment of a wide range of equipment with weights of up to 7.5 tonnes. The equipment can be changed in just a few minutes, saving precious time and allowing maximum work capacity with minimum changeover time.

Thanks to the remarkable strength and the high off-road loading capacity, together with the unlimited possibilities for use and application, the Caron Transporter can be used anywhere for a wide range of different purposes.


Single seat models available in either articulated or front steer, with or without cab, as well as a range of twin seat options.

Select Single Seat or Twin Seat for information on the different Caron ranges of Transporters.