Goldoni Tractors


When Goldoni was established in 1926, the company began by producing irrigation pumps, followed by the first two-wheeled tractor in 1950. It wasn't long before the legendary EXPORT tractor was created (1957) and the successful UNIVERSAL series, of which more than 70,000 machines have been sold since 1960. These were the beginnings of an Italian brand that is now appreciated throughout the world for its reliable and sturdily built products.

Today Goldoni is regarded as a manufacturer of exemplary machines with huge capabilities. Both the 2 wheel and equal-wheeled "Quad" tractors are used the world over in a huge variety of industries. We have selected the best of the Goldoni range that best suit the UK market.  To discover more about our range, please select either 2 wheel (walk-behind motor-cultivators) or 4 wheel tractors from the left.

Please take the time to look at some of our testimonials that customers have been kind enough to send us.  These show our Goldoni tractors in working environments, being used by both private and industrial users



As Europe's number one producer of small tractors, Goldoni has over the past 80 years, developed a range that incorporates many large tractor features into a small size. They offer the most comprehensive choice of models including narrow tractors, reversible drive tractors and other specialist models.

Extract from Goldoni statement:

"Since 1926 we plan and assemble specialised tractors, utility vehicles, motor cultivators and motormowers.

What we have decided to do derives from the understanding and the genuine love of the land and working between the rows.

If today we are one of the leaders in this specific sector, it is most probably for this reason.

We construct machines as a passion and for more than 80 years, we continue to do so in the same way; convinced that the best technology is that which renders work easier and more efficient and that what really counts more than anything else are the results."