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Flail Mowers

Flail Mowers

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Deleks Flail Mowers for Small and Compact Tractors

Maximize efficiency and productivity with our range of Deleks Flail Mowers designed for small and compact tractors. These mowers offer precision cutting and superior mulching capabilities, making them perfect for maintaining small fields and difficult terrain. Increase your tractor's versatility with our high-quality Flail Mowers.

We offer a range of flail mowers manufactured by Italian company Deleks.  Good quality mowers manufactured using SSAB Swedish steel for strength and durability. With Lombarda cast iron Italian gearboxes, Arvedi balance rollers SGP/FAG bearings, they are fitted with hardox hardened hammers for a more efficient cut.

Our models range from the 80cm Lince for working in confined areas such as between Christmas trees or narrow rows, to the Leopard, with its rear opening door and sideshift, or the heavier Lince with sideshift, through to the Volpe offset flail mower for verge mowing.

Our range also includes rotary toppers and chain swipes for cutting grass and reeds that do not require mulching.


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