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Blitz 50

Blitz 50

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Blitz 50 with 50cm Rotovator, from:
Different Options Available - see below

Versatile and multi-purpose, Yagmur two wheel tractors are designed for tough conditions. The BLITZ 50 is the smallest model of the Yagmur two wheel tractor family. Ideal for small areas and narrow vegetable beds.

Compact design and lightweight build makes the Blitz 50 very easy to operate, even for first time users. Blitz 50 is perfectly balanced and fitted with a 2-speed gearbox, 1 forward and 1 reverse gear. Can be used in both directions in full capacity, which allows the use of various implements from rotovators and cultivators to cutter bars to snowblowers and much more.

Unlock the full potential of your farming and gardening with Blitz 50, the small but mighty member of the Yagmur two wheel tractor family. With its compact design and lightweight build, this versatile and multi-purpose tractor is perfectly balanced for easy operation.

Its 2-speed gearbox and full capacity use in both directions make it compatible with a variety of implements, from rotovators and cultivators to cutter bars and snowblowers.

Take on tough conditions with ease and precision, no matter the size of your area or the nature of your beds.



Yagmur BLITZ 50 - A perfect, easy to use two wheel tractor for horticulture and gardening.

Available in 2 options:

With Honda GX200 Stage V, 196 cc petrol engine, 6.5 hp with pull start and on 4.00x8 fixed wheels.  Price £1746 including VAT


With Yagmur R210 Stage V, 212 cc petrol engine, 7 hp with pull start and on 4.00x8 fixed wheels.  Price £1398 including VAT


Bi-directional use, reversible with shuttle system.

1 forward and 1 reverse gear in both directions.

Quick release coupling allows you to change attachments without any need for tools.

180 degree rotating handlebars changed in seconds for front and rear implement.

Adjustable handlebars.

Low level of vibration with AVS (anti vibration) handlebar system.

Easy to use control panel combines all critical controls of the tractor and engine together in one easy-to-reach zone.

Dead stop allows easy and safe control of tractor in confined area.

Removable toolbox. 

Bi-Directional Use Reversible with shuttle system (REV)
Gearbox Spur and bevel gears in oil bath
Number of Speeds 1 Forward / 1 Reverse (in both directions)
Speed (km/h) 1 (1.55) / R (2.72)
Speed (REV) (km/h) 1 (2.72) / R (1.55)
Clutch Wet type conic (TDS)
Clutch Control Mechanical deadman lever
PTO Speed 310 rpm
PTO Speed (REV) 985 rpm
PTO Dimension 17x14 DIN 5482
Equipment Connection Quick coupling system without any tools (HBS)
Brakes -

Horizontally, vertically and 180° adjustable

Drawbar -
Safety In conformity with CE standards
Weight 55 kg
Price for Blitz 50 Tractor Unit only (without implements) With Honda GX200 6.5hp petrol engine £1746 inc VAT
With Yagmur R210 7hp petrol engine £1398 inc VAT
All models quoted ex-works CTM - delivery charges will apply


Implements for Blitz 50 - current stock

50 cm Rotovator £450 inc VAT

60 cm Rotovator £474 inc VAT

110 cm Cutter Bar £954 inc VAT

Single Furrow Plough £210 inc VAT

When you purchase a Yagmur 2-wheel tractor from CTM you will be guaranteed the quality and reliability of Yagmur's undoubtable reputation as one of the world's leading specialist two wheel tractor manufacturers. This, combined with CTM's wealth of experience, will ensure that your tractor and implements are properly matched and weighted to assure you of optimal performance for the tasks you perform.

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